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We moved into Westby House in December 2012, not the most sensible of decisions – it was a freezing cold winter and the house had no heating. We spent our first Christmas wrapped in blankets sharing one heater. Since then we have had extensive work done to modernise the inside. taking care to retain its historic characteristics. The outside buildings look largely unchanged from when it was built in 1865 as Sedbergh’s train station. It is Green certified, we have a biomass pellet boiler to supply all heating and hot water and our own waste system, we only use outside electricity and drinking water. All cleaning and washing materials used and supplied are plant based. We love the feeling we get driving off the road and onto the almost hidden driveway. The 150 metre winding drive before the house suddenly comes into view at the very top. The house is set high and its views are outstanding and uninterrupted. I never ever get tired of the hypnotic calm feeling that passes over me once I arrive there. Walking around the large gardens, watching the sheep on the fells and sitting on the 60 foot patio that is the original station platform. 

It is the ideal place to recharge and to reconnect – with yourself, your family and with natural surroundings. The house and gardens have a wonderful calming effect on everyone. We are not overlooked and cannot be seen from the road so you sit in peace. There are endless walks from the house and Sedbergh town is a flat one mile away. The picturesque Lakes are a 15 minute drive to the right leading to Kendal or Windermere, turn left and it leads you into the dramatic fells of the Dales towards Hawes and Aysgarth falls. You cannot get bored here no matter what your interests. We did everything, from canoeing on Windermere, to walking in the Dales and craft making in Sedbergh and Farfield Mill. Historic houses and Castles are aplenty. Returning at the end of the day you can sit back and relax in the beautiful spaces that are both inside and out. We would love to share this wonderful house and garden with you and we look forward to being able to welcome you to our own special part of Cumbria.

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